Teeter Success Stories

Here Are Just A Few Of Over 3 Million Teeter® Satisfied Users

“Having the Teeter® in my house and being able to use it whenever you want and not have to make an appointment, not have to go anywhere, and not have to wait to get some kind of relief, makes it totally worth it.” – Billi I., Paducah, KY

“I actually enjoy when I wake up in the morning. Nothing hurts. I mean, really, pain free. And the results are amazing. That has blown my mind. I think that Teeter will be a part of my life forever. It gives me that few minutes that I need, to take care of me and literally the benefits are priceless.” – Suzanne L., Albany, KY

“All I really needed was just my Teeter®. Because that’s the one thing benefiting my back more than anything else. Having that security of knowing it’s right there, in my home, it’s just a big weight off of my shoulders. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.” – Jay L., Palm Springs, CA

“What surprises me is something that simple can help your back. The Teeter® has made a huge difference in my life. I really do feel that my back is at a place where one I was younger. Using the Teeter® is a game-changer. It really is.” – Red Rock Resurfacing Team

“The only thing that can decompress naturally is gravity. That is the essence of what the Teeter® is about. To create spacing back between the vertebrae that have been compressed. The Teeter® give gravity a chance to undo what gravity has done.” – Cedrick H., Former Pro Football Player

“The thing that I’ve noticed the most about the Teeter® is that I think it helps more with my stress level. It’s some time to relax, some time for me, and it feels good. You need to give it a try. If you have discomfort, it’s at least worth that. And for me it’s made a big difference in my life.” – Alex W.

“The Teeter® hang-up is a great value. I’ve had people come to my home and see the construction and how it looked and they’re shocked to find out how little it costs.” – Cathy S.

“I used the Teeter® for two, maybe three weeks only, before I started to feel the difference. It was amazing. I was astounded.” – Jeff O.

“The more I use it, the more I enjoy it, the more, I think, it helps me.” – Dave

If it wasn’t for the Teeter®, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It put the smile back on my face. – Horace

It’s paid for itself countless times. Over and over and over again. It fits into the whole picture of my lifestyle very well.” – John

A friend of mine introduced me to Teeter®. As soon as I got on it, it was relief. I mean, it was unlike anything I have felt with any of the other therapies. It felt amazing. Teeter® can be beneficial to, really, anybody. Anybody that’s experienced back pain, can benefit significantly from the Teeter®.” – Kevin

“I think the Teeter® is as good or better than any traction type therapies, and certainly less complicated. Extensive, quality research studies showing it’s benefit for multiple conditions which affect the spine. It’s also a great way to work your core with inverted crunches. Using the Teeter® a few to several minutes every day, or every other day, can help, both, treat and prevent lower back pain. For the amount of time involved, it’s priceless.” – Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steedman



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